No Change

Once again, Gina and Tacos for the win re: the latest gun / misogyny insanity in Santa Barbara:

“Any moderately politically interested foreigner grasps this readily. What might not be obvious, though, is the NRA’s grand illusion – the Big Lie that it is a group that represents firearm owners. On paper and in mission statement this may be true. In practice, the NRA represents gun manufacturers. In furtherance of the gun industry’s desire to sell a fuckton of guns to the declining percentage of Americans who own guns and who happen to already own a fuckton of them, the NRA must constantly fan the flames of fear that They are coming to Take Your Guns. Never mind that Congress hasn’t passed a consequential restriction on gun ownership since the Great Depression. The impending threat looms large that Obama and Clinton and Liberal Judges and Saul Alinsky and the tree huggers and Ed Begley and the Comintern are always coming to take them away imminently so the only logical thing for a freedom loving Patriot to do is rush out and buy, buy, buy. Get them now while you still can, fellow Minutemen!

Are people really so stupid that they fall for this ruse? And fall for it repeatedly?

Well, yes. I ask by way of answering, ‘Have you ever been to Florida? Go to Florida sometime. Walk into a chain buffet restaurant at 3 PM on a weekday and start talking to people about guns. Or about anything, really. And that this kind of cheap hucksterism works will no longer be a mystery. Watch Fox News for 15 minutes, remind yourself that an appreciable minority of Americans take it seriously, and suddenly the NRA Theory doesn’t seem so far fetched.'”

I really wonder if any future atrocity could motivate my fellow Americans to pass some sensible gun legislation — any sort of bill that would throw up at least a few hurdles against a crazy person or one with obvious criminal intent buying a handgun.

My sense is no, nothing will ever change.  Twenty toddlers and six teachers getting shot in the face with a military-style rifle couldn’t do it.  Six dead college students certainly won’t.

Just get used to it.  Just realize that part of living in America is that you or someone you love could die in this sort of violence and nothing will ever change.

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