“Look at us!”

Sociology professor Song Ho-keun on “The Korean Way”:

The numbers on the passenger list and the numbers of survivors, dead and missing didn’t add up. Simple arithmetic seemed beyond the Korean nation. No one can say how the rescue mission was orchestrated, ordered or carried out. Most of the real accomplishments on site were by civilians – fishermen who arrived at the scene first and civilian divers who first swam into the cabins returning with the bodies. A five-star, highly civilized and democratic society betrayed its feet of clay to the world at large. We’re like Stone Age cavemen waving smartphones in the air. Look at us!”

Some good has to come out of the Sewol tragedy but it’s still too early to tell what it will be.

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One Response to “Look at us!”

  1. Bosmosis says:

    It’s a truly awful tragedy. I just blogged about this too, specifically on why I think that Western critics who try to link disasters like this to Korea’s Confucian culture are so often misguided. Please check it out at Sweet Pickles and Corn. Cheers!

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