Smells Like Democracy

After billions of dollars and thousands of lives wasted, Democracy is on the march in Iraq where nine year-old girls are now legally compelled to marry and be raped by their new husbands:

“Ayad Allawi, a former Iraqi prime minister, warned on Tuesday that approval of the law would lead to the abuse of women. ‘It allows for girls to be married from nine years of age and even younger,’ he said. ‘There are other injustices [contained in it] too.’

While there is no set minimum age for marriage, the section on divorce includes rules for divorces of girls who have reached the age of 9 years.

Marital rape is condoned by a clause that states women must comply with their husband’s sexual demands. Men are given guardianship rights over women and the law also establishes rules governing polygamous relationships.”

Dick Cheney must be so proud.

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