There’s been a number of North Korean drones making their way into South Korean airspace recently.

Personally, I see little reason to worry.  Anyone with a hundred dollars or so has the means to make one.  If North Korea wants to take pictures of South Korean installations there’s pretty much nothing South Korea can do about it.

That said, it amazes me that anyone here in the South would worry about drones when the obvious, glaring problem is with internet security.  This is a country where 90 percent of computers are infested with Internet Explorer.  For business or work transactions, you literally cannot use a browser other than IE.  And predictably, millions of bank account were hacked due to security flaws related to an over-reliance on IE.

It would take very little to virtually paralyze this country in terms of a coordinated cyber attack.  That’s worthy of concern.

Digital snaps that you could probably already find on Google Maps?  Not so much.

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