Foreigners Just Don’t Understand!

Korean culture is, indeed, a complicated, historically unique thing.  I completely respect that.  I actively study the language to try and increase my comprehension of it on a daily basis.

But most foreigners will also recognize that moment when a boss or a superior invokes Korean Culture Is So Very Complicated in order to pull some obvious bullshit over on you.

At my second job in South Korea so very long ago, at our first staff meeting, the boss gave us copies of our contracts and then told us to remember that “Korean Culture Is So Very Complicated And Contracts Can Change At Any Time!”  She proceeded to tell us about all the new afternoon classes we’d never heard about and would never be paid for.

That was probably the most egregious example I’ve ever heard, but lesser variations are all too common.

Seriously Korean bosses and managers of foreigners, think about how fucking ratchet that maneuver is, and how it makes it hard for lots of people not to laugh out loud at your Oh So Very Complicated Culture.

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One Response to Foreigners Just Don’t Understand!

  1. DragonDon says:

    You can always try the old “Did you lie to me? Because you clearly agreed to a set if rules for our employment agreement and I’d hate to see you lose face by being accused of lying.” Let them wriggle out of that logic. Heh.

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