Horrible, Terrible, No Good

This has been a terrible week, a unique maelstrom of administrative incompetence, miscommunication between co-workers and students, my boss getting the flu and me having to cover his classes, a few days of lame rainy weather, and the fact that instead of going home for the weekend I’ve got five to six hours of Korean homework to do instead.

I had a really bad time with a college student this morning too.  We were doing a pretty straightforward group conversation exercise, and when it was his turn to say a simple, declarative sentence about daily activities he just put his head down.  I prompted him a few more times, then suggested, in Korean, that if he told me something he does every day we could translate it together into English.

Nope.  Just put his head down again, acting like a ten year-old.

I wouldn’t say I lost it, but I did stare at him for a good three minutes in complete silence after reminding him, in Korean, that participation was part of his final grade.

So at break time he bolted, and now a mere four weeks out of thirteen in he’s about to fail due to attendance issues.

That’s one thing you learn pretty quickly as a teacher — silence is a much more powerful way of making a point than yelling ever is.

And I feel bad for the guy but I even gave him an out in Korean, which I probably shouldn’t have given him to begin with since he came to class late then proceeded to play video games on his phone.

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