Since I’m In Charge Of Everything

Since I’m sure Jurgen Klinsmann reads this blog, I’d like him to know that a hot Aron Johannsson is a much better option at top than an ice-cold Jozy Altidore.

Also, Nike’s home U.S. jersey sucks balls.  It looks like an old man’s golf shirt.

At least the away jersey has some pops of color but overall, meh.

Bring back the awesome, classic shield, yo.  Or the incredible red stripes.

I realize I’m in the minority on the red stripe/thar be pirates jerseys, but I think they’re sweet.

At least they’re not boring, especially when you look at the awesome kits other countries are bringing to Brazil.  It’s like Nike decided that boring would somehow translate into goals.  (Shout-outs to Mexico, Netherlands, and Germany.  Those countries have better color schemes to work with though.  And Spain in black aways?  No.  South Korea?  Decent.)

Bonus: A history of the US men’s team’s uniform.  Overall I’d say we’ve done pretty well.

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