Gin and Tacos is worth reading every day.  He’s indispensable on the current spate of bigoted GOP legislation snaking its way through various state legislatures:

“It’s pretty simple, then, to understand these last-ditch efforts on the part of hayseed legislatures to legislate discrimination based on sexual orientation. Very few of them are stupid enough to believe the excuses that they put forth as their motives. To maintain my faith in humanity I have to believe that some of them understand that these laws aren’t going to stand up in court anyway and this is all a big waste of time. It helps, though, to understand it for what it is: a desperation move by a group of people who are no longer socially relevant to assert their superiority, and to codify the idea that they are Better Than someone who is in some way different.”

Sure, a gay couple can just find another baker.  And a black person can just go to another lunch counter.


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