On The Bus



I spent the weekend with a friend in Jeollanam-do, the southwest corner of Korea.  We went to Jeonju for sightseeing and bibimbap, and then stayed with another friend in Gwangju.

1) The food really is the best in Korea.  Very fresh and lots and lots of side-dishes.

2) The landscape is incredibly beautiful and rugged, and you can understand how even today there’s a bit of a cultural divide between this part of the country and the rest of South Korea.

3) Related to 2, I’m amazed that in 2014 the only east-west link between Gwangju and Daegu/Busan is a two-lane highway.  There’s not even a regulartrain, let alone a high-speed one.  No wonder it lags behind the rest of the country in terms of economic development.

Great weekend.  More pics to come.

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One Response to On The Bus

  1. I loved visiting Gwangju! Looking forward to your pictures and write-up.

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