Moms Without Dads

JoongAng Daily on the rise of single moms in South Korea.  Mirroring trends in America, many women are actively choosing to have children without getting married:

“‘People think that teenage single moms will be the most, but not these days,’ says Kim Jae-joong, leader of a welfare support team at the community center. ‘We have more single moms who are old enough to get married.’

Some single moms celebrate their status and say they enjoy the twin benefits of being both a mom and single. Kim Seon-young, 34, has a five-year-old son. She met the child’s dad when she was 29 years old and working as a counselor in a card company. When she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, he took flight. Kim says she was competitive about everything in the past, but now she feels mature thanks to the birth of her child.”

What the article doesn’t talk about, and what my Google-fu fails me on, is what kind of child-support/alimony laws are on the books in South Korea.  Despite many flaws, the American legal system is very strong when it comes to making deadbeat dads pay support for their children.  Basically, all a single mom needs is a blood test.

I’m guessing in South Korea, where the stigma against single moms is still incredibly high, things are quite different.

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