White Athletes Are Delightful Mavericks. Black Athletes Are Dangerous Thugs.

Greg Howard on the recent Richard Sherman controversy, and “The Plight of the Conquering Negro”:

“A public personality can be black, talented, or arrogant, but he can’t be any more than two of these traits at a time. It’s why antics and soundbites from guys like Brett Favre, Johnny Football and Bryce Harper seem almost hyper-American, capable of capturing the country’s imagination, but black superstars like Sherman, Floyd Mayweather, and Cam Newton are seen as polarizing, as selfish, as glory boys, as distasteful and perhaps offensive. “

Richard Sherman, a Stanford grad, is 25 years old.  When you stick a camera in his face immediately following a brilliant play against one of the NFL’s best receivers that sent his team to the Superbowl, when his blood is pumping half adrenaline/half testosterone, what did you expect, exactly?  He didn’t use profanity.  He did bash Crabtree, but the two obviously have a history.  And he’s fully aware that in America ca. 2014, “thug” is the new n-word.

Full disclaimer: I am a Seahawks fan.  That said, I’ll take Sherman’s invigorating swagger over some has-been who used to personally thank Jesus every time he scored a touchdown before getting his sorry, self-aggrandizing ass booted to the curb.

How is the latter not an example of arrogance of the highest sort?

Go Hawks.  Here’s hoping Sherman gets at least three picks and the Superbowl MVP.

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