Name Games

Crazy little piece on how many Korean professional baseball players are legally changing their names for better luck:

“It seems other players have been inspired by Son. According to the Korea Baseball Organization, eight players changed their first names during the 2013 season. Kim Min-sik, 22, who recently joined the KBO’s 10th team, the KT Wiz, through the second-round draft, changed his first name to Ju-won, and Giants outfielder Hwang Sung-yong, 30, changed his first name to Dong-chae. The KBO said three players from the Kia Tigers, two players from the Nexen Heroes, and one each from the NC Dinos and SK Wyverns changed their first name in the past season.

‘The number could increase later because the teams have not finished finalizing their 40-man rosters after the hot stove season,’ a spokesman of the KBO told the Korea JoongAng Daily. ‘I think many players who might have changed their names are still registered with the KBO with their old names.’”

Also, KT Wiz?  Really?  NCSoft Dinos is terrible enough.

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