Explainanating Turkey Day

Explaining Thanksgiving to South Koreans is a bit tough.  On the one hand, it’s based on a ridiculous national myth of Benevolent White Christians bringing modernity, slaughter, and smallpox to Native Americans.  And that’s ridiculous and abhorrent.

On the other hand, in practice, it’s a rare opportunity for American families to spend time together given how little vacation time USians typically enjoy (which is also strange, because the only people who tend to have less vacation time than USians are South Koreans).  People are much more invested in the football games than they are in talking about national myths of bringing “civilization” to the unwashed heathens.

So not to excuse the actual genocide of Native Americans, but give us stupid Muricans a little credit.  Nobody believes that horseshit about the happy natives and the first Thanksgiving.

National foundation myths are always ridiculous, America’s as much as any other country’s.

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