Happy Halloween!

John Murphy, “In The House, Without a Hearbeat” from the 28 Days Later OST

28 Days Later isn’t just one of my favorite horror movies, it’s one of my favorite films.  I’m pretty much a Danny Boyle fanboi but I’ll admit it — when he sucks he’s terrible.  (LOL Sunshine.)

But man, this film just blows me away — the performances, the visual storytelling, and goddamnit the ending.  Do not limit yourself to the crappy nice happy-time American ending, which got put into the US release because test audiences didn’t appreciate the grimness of the original UK ending.  (Spoiler: In the original ending, ain’t nobody is coming to save anybody.)

There are plenty of decent zombie films that  use the standard trope of humanity is ZOMG JUST AS BAD AS THE ZOMBIES!  But this film gets right to it — (spoiler!) ain’t no pack of zombies is capable of planning and staging a ritual gang-rape.  Only highly trained soldiers could pull that off.  The “good guys” so to speak.

And if Danny Boyle goes out making less than wonderful films, nobody can take away the final 15 minutes of this one.  Jesus, it’s brilliant in its nihilism.

Also, avoid 28 Weeks Later.  Different director, terrible stupid movie.

Also, fuck The Walking Dead (the TV series, not the comic) for stealing so much from Danny Boyle and still managing to suck rotting zombie balls.

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