Punk In Drublic

No Brain, “Necktie”

Veteran Korean punks No Brain just got signed to a major US label by none other than Seymour Stein.  The JoongAng Daily promptly buries the lede:

“Although most Koreans think that producers and talent agencies control their artists’ every move, Stein says that’s not his style.

‘I don’t interfere with the artists’ songs,’ he said. ‘I didn’t with Madonna or with Talking Heads or Echo and the Bunnymen. They are the geniuses. I just judge the fact that I like them.’”

On the one hand, it’s nice to see a Korean music act forging ahead outside of the downright abusive K-pop factory system.  On the other hand, these guys are in their 40’s so it’s probably not going to signal a major trend.

Still, they rock, so here’s hoping the deal works out for them.

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One Response to Punk In Drublic

  1. Conor says:

    Not bad. Boys can play a bit. Liked the video too, especially the ending.

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