“They blew it up!”

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra ft. Puffy AmiYumi, “Hazumu Rizumu” (just because)

I’m more depressed about it than proud, but I was pretty certain the Republicans wouldn’t raise the debt ceiling, let alone re-open the US government.

Since Obama got elected in 2008 the media have treated the Republican party as a group of rational actors who weren’t, in fact, crazy-ass neanderthals who thoroughly lost their shit when a black guy moved into the White House.

Anyhow, I’m sitting on a fair amount of won right now that I’ll happily buy US dollars with.  The value of the latter is about to collapse in 24 hours or so.

Update: Well, I was totally wrong.  That’s good though.  Next question: Will kamikaze Republicans want to do this dance again in Winter?

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