International Relations

Having lunch with my boss today, he told me that he’d been having some serious problems lately.  This year we started a program for Chinese students to come over to Daegu and study Korean for a year.

Apparently, a number of these students are “disappearing” themselves after 24 hours in country.  They hop on a bus and head to the countryside to work in factories.

Sounds horrible, right?  My college actually takes their passports on arrival (this isn’t a new thing) but they still make a run for it to work as undocumented workers for a few years.  1.5 million won a month sounds crap, but apparently that’s a minor fortune for many in mainland China.

I just find it all very strange and well above my paygrade.  But my boss is definitely stressed out about it.  And pissed, to be perfectly honest.  Needless to say, the program is being shut down.

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One Response to International Relations

  1. Niall says:

    Interesting post, but what’s with the ill-fitting title?

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