“people with my assets”

“An armada of helicopters flew north.  The whole building shook with their ferocity, china jiggling in the neighbor’s kitchen cabinet, little children crying.  That seemed to scare Eunice, and soon she was in bed next to me, trying to find a comforting fit with my larger body, pressing so deeply into me that it hurt.  I felt scared, not because of the military operation outside (in the end, they would never hurt people with my assets), but because I knew that I could never leave her.  No matter how she treated me.  No matter how bad she made me feel.  Because in her anger and anxiety there was familiarity and relief.  Because I understood those greenhorn southern-Californian immigrant families better than I could Grace’s right-hearted Midwestern kin, the craving for money and respect, the mixture of entitlement and self-loathing, the hunger to be attractive, noticed, and admired.  Because after Vishnu told me that Grace was pregnant (“ha-huh,” he laughed awkwardly while bearing the news) I realized that the last door had closed for me.  Because, unlike the slick and sly Amy Greenberg, Eunice had no idea what the hell she was doing.  And neither did I.”

–Gary Shteyngart, Super Sad True Love Story

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2 Responses to “people with my assets”

  1. Deva says:

    Loved this novel, which I read before moving to Korea. I’m dying to reread it now that I know more about where Eunice’s parents come from.

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