Man or Astro-Man?, “Defcon 5” live

From the MoA-M? wiki:

“Alpha Clones:

In 1998 Man or Astro-man? sent a group of ‘clones’ out on the road to tour. The clones had names similar to their original counterparts: Birdstuff became Dorkstuff, Coco became Cocoid, Star Crunch became Chromo Crunch and Dexter X became Dexter Y. This new line-up toured under the name ‘Man or Astro-man Clone Tour Alpha’ and maintained their clone identities while on stage. Members of the Alpha clones were also in numerous other bands including Toenut, The Causey Way, Jonny and the Shamen, The Man Made Brain, Humans, Neutronic, Pilot Scott Tracy, The Plastic Plan, etc.

Gamma Clones

After the success of the Alpha Project, Man or Astro-man? ‘cloned’ themselves a second time, in 1999, this time using females, who adopted the names Coco Active (Guitarist/Vocalist Shonali Bhowmik), Chromita Starita (Guitarist/Vocalist Deb Davis), Tweety-Tone (Drummer/Vocalist Ani Cordero), and Carol (Guitarist/Vocalist Shannon Wright), and toured nationally under the name ‘Man or Astro-man? Clone Project Gamma.'”

This is basically the punkest as fuck thing ever.  Duly noted as one of my shittier weeks in a while comes to an end.

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