Judgement Day

I’m helping some soon-to-graduate students write “Western style” resumes and cover letters in the hopes of finding a job or internship abroad.  This has been interesting, because goddamn Korean resumes are weird.

First, they include a head-shot.  I tried to explain how in America this would be laughably illegal due to potential concerns over racism/sexism/ageism, etc. but then again, anybody working in South Korea knows that the inclusion of a head-shot is mandatory over here.  (Seriously, if you want to get a job here it’s worth spending money on a professional head-shot and I’m the last person in the world who would ever consider paying money for a professional head-shot.)

And then one student told me that at the top of a Korean resume you also list the names of your relatives (your father and grandfather I guess).

I’m preternaturally disposed against resumes and paperwork in general, but the U.S. has nothing on Korea on this one.

Update: Apparently in Europe including a photo with a resume is fairly common.  I had no idea.  And what a terrible practice.

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