“Their Favorite Player Is Air Conditioning”

One of my current favorite things on the internet has to be Drew Magary’s “Why Your NFL Team Sucks” over at Deadspin.  On Arizona:

“It’s worth noting, as always, that Arizona is the Florida of the American Southwest. This is the state where old Midwesterners go to die and methheads go to be naked. Arizona’s inherent Florida-ness extends all the way to their casual sports fandom. Given that no one who lives in Phoenix is actually from there, the Cardinals are the second favorite team of 90% of state residents. The average Cardinals fan is a transplanted North Dakotan who adopted their team after their 30th birthday. Their favorite player is Air Conditioning.”

It’s funny because it’s entirely true.

Can’t wait till Drew beats up on my beloved Washington RACIALLY OFFENSIVE NAME REDACTED.

I love you Korea, but goddamn I miss NFL football.

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