Enyzme Time!

002Right before I went to America for August some adult students took me and a co-worker out for dinner at a local “enzyme restaurant” (that’s how they described it).  Basically, it’s a little place that does organic dishes including lots of roots and vegetables that I’d never eaten before.  And while mostly vegetarian (and probably vegan as far as I could tell) there was one fish dish.

Not exactly the kind of place I’d want to eat every day, but pretty good nonetheless.  A lot of the vegetables had a strong taste of vinegar, but that’s fine by me.

One thing that’s fun about living in South Korea is that your dining choices are more directly informed by things like the weather or the time of year.  My Korean friends will give me a funny reaction when I suggest we go somewhere on, say, a rainy or extremely hot day that doesn’t “match” the type of food that would be best for your body.

It seems like Koreans, and Asians in general, have less of a line drawn between what’s “food” and what’s “medicine,” or at least, “medicinal,” if that makes any sense.

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