Teach Me, Teach Me, Teach Me

I’ve been studying Korean at the Daegu YMCA weekly for the past two years but alas, my co-student has left the city for greener pastures.  There’s a group of three or so students currently there that, if I’d been more diligent with my homework and self-study, I could probably work with.  And there’s a large group about three or four levels below me, but that wouldn’t really be worth my time.

So now I’m trying to find a private tutor.

Thing is, “language exchange” is pretty common here but I’m not at all interested in teaching English in my spare time, even if it means free Korean lessons.  I really just want a teacher who will kind of kick my ass a bit and give me homework and work out of a regular intermediate level textbook.

That’s harder to find than it seems, at least in Daegu.

My Korean isn’t nearly where it should be, but I feel like I’ve gotten far enough that I really don’t want to give up on a structured, weekly type of class.

We shall see.

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One Response to Teach Me, Teach Me, Teach Me

  1. Sally says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but iTalki has Skype teachers that will do the whole, plan a lesson and give you homework thing. Maybe that would work for you?

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