And So It Goes

Another semester begins today.

I could complain about the college computer system that I’ve finally managed to master after a mere four years (all in Korean, natch).

Or that the school is being stingy with the air-conditioning, even though it’s still August and Korean bureaucrats don’t seem to understand that the weather is not affected by mandatory, man-made things like college schedules.  (Shocker!)

Or that I’ve got a weird stomach thing.  Not quite the flu, but maybe something to do with a new set of vitamins I’m taking in the morning.  My tummy’s all flippy-floppy and I could use a coffee but I don’t think that would be a good idea, acidity-wise.

Or the fact my boss is sick and I haven’t seen or spoken with him once since I came back from America, and there’s usually a ton of information he has to give me and my coworkers regarding policy changes and what-not.  (Not a complaint, more of a lament.)

But I’m just teaching one easy, class expectations kind-of-thing today so it should be painless.

Just hoping the room has functioning AC.  Between the shiny new buildings at my university and the 1970’s brutalist ones it’s kind of a mixed bag, temperature-wise, and I won’t know until I get into my actual classrooms if I’m teaching on the deck of the USS Enterprise or the back room of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment.

Good times.

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