How I Spent My Summer Vacation Part 1: Bellingham

005Nevada the dog, Bellingham.

I did my usual summer trip to Bellingham, Washington to visit my dear old dad and then the Washington, D.C. area to visit my sister and her awesome family.  God bless him, my dad is a bit of a hermit so one week out of every year I manage to survive without the internet.  It’s incredibly peaceful though, and a great way to recharge before the fall semester begins back here in lurvely Daegu.

006Mt. Baker.  (Clear day ftw.)

011Terry’s chickens.


Biscuits and gravy at the Old Town Cafe.  (You have to live in South Korea for a years to fully appreciate a greasy American breakfast.)


So yeah, a whole week of relaxing and walking around and reading and watching sports on the teevee with my old man.  It was awesome, as usual.

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