More like Samgye-lame, AMIRITE?

Wrapping things up here in lovely Daegu with my skeleton shifts of adult conversation students and a small professors’ class.  So that means — lots of free lunches and dinners next week before I go home for a month.

The good news, of course, is free lunches and dinners for me and my foreigner co-workers.  The (highly relative) bad news is that the professors are taking us out for samgyetang (Korean chicken and ginseng soup).

I love Korean food, but I think samgyetang is a bit of an abomination.

You have a perfectly good whole chicken.  Please roast it for a while to get a golden brown delicious color going on.  And for the love of all that’s holy, please don’t boil it until it looks like a zombie carcass.

Boiling any kind of meat just strikes me as wrong, having grown up in a home where Sunday dinner consisted of either grilled steaks or, ahem, whole roast chickens.

Still, nice to be getting out of the sauna that is Daegu soon.  And if I’m complaining about eating samgyetang once a year I never have a reason to whine about anything ever again.

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