Ups And Downs

It seems like the general ESL market in South Korea has definitely tightened over the past five years, probably with notable public school (Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon) districts tightening the belt.  I wonder if this is a permanent thing, or just a golden opportunity for more hagwon to open up and pick up the slack.

Totally a personal anecdote, but even here in sleepy suburban Daegu I get tons of offers to do privates.  My sense is that this neighborhood’s market could stand to bear a few more hagwon.

Then again, I’m about the last person you’d ever want to ask for business advice.  Just an observation.

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One Response to Ups And Downs

  1. I teach in Andong, and have taught for the past for years. I teach at a hakwon, but I have lots of friends in the EPIK program. I was talking with a few of them and Korea is going to change how they teach English over the next few years, I think. They’ll have foreign teachers in the public elementary schools but not middle or high schools (which I think is a terrible idea). The limited availability for ESL jobs in Korean schools will drive the market for the hakwons (which, in my opinion are a sinking ship). It’s interesting to think how Korea spends more money on English education than other Asian countries, but there are much fewer English speakers in the nation as a whole. Japan’s not much better than Korea. It’s quite embarrassing, really.

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