Sad But True

Talking Points Memo on “The Tragic Fall of the White Race in America”:

“Republicans invested heavily in voter suppression for the 2012 cycle. And while it is very important to note that a big reason why it didn’t ‘work’ was that courts struck down a lot of the most egregious laws (and huge kudos to the myriad civil rights and voting rights lawyers who made that possible), it also didn’t work because the attempt itself massively energized the growing non-white electorate. So every time a little Mexican-American kid dares to sing the national anthem at a basketball game wearing a mariachi suit and freaks start telling him on Twitter to go back to Mexico, it’s gross and it’s a bummer, but you also realize that it’s probably marginalizing the white racist freakshow vote more than it’s empowering it. And when conservative backbenchers in the House say ‘pathway to citizenship’ over my dead body or despair of American culture, well, sure bring it to the next election and let’s see what happens. And the one after that.

It’s worth remembering that the intensity of this kind of thinking will almost certainly grow as its political effectiveness wanes. But the simple fact is that calculus has changed. There are now enough non-white people in America and just as critically enough whites who are either at least comfortable or even welcome being in a multiracial party and country, that the electoral calculus has changed. And that’s a really good thing.”

It’s an ugly paradox — the less effective racist dog-whistling becomes, the more desperate Republicans become, and the louder and angrier and ass-clownish they get.

So the big picture is obvious — America is getting browner and simultaneously more open to things like gay marriage and sensible immigration laws and a reasonably affordable national health-care system.

The problem is that no small amount of dead-enders are likely to pick up guns and commit a few murders ending in suicide-by-cop due to their “tragic” situation.

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