“And who would want to kill the buzz of the life Kim Jong-il offered? Fujimoto signed the contract and returned in 1988 to discover that Kim had taken it up a notch. Innocent games of yut nori had been replaced by high-stakes baccarat. Young women were no longer kidnapped from other countries to be used as sex slaves. Instead, Kim Jong-il had developed his kippumjo, or ‘Joy Division’ brigade, in which teams of beautiful North Korean girls, most forcibly recruited under the age of 16, were maintained to provide entertainment, massages, and sexual gratification. A constant presence at guesthouses, kippumjo girls were overseen by Kim Jong-il’s personal bodyguards, many of whom were orphans, according to Lee Young-kuk, a former guard who escaped after being thrown in Yodok, or Camp 15.

‘Such beautiful girls, so many girls,’ Fujimoto recalled. ‘They belonged to Kim Jong-il.’”

An interview with Kenji Fujimoto, Kim Jong-il’s personal chef and the “Japanese intelligence community’s single greatest asset on the Kim family.”

When it comes to all things North Korea, it’s crazy-sauce all the way down.

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