Agony of Defeat

I’m kind of getting into ping-pong.

Unlike most Korean schools and businesses, my boss isn’t a fan of the weekly or bi-weekly company drinking party known as hwae-shik.  We rarely go out together and when we do it’s usually with our adult conversation students at the end of our quarterly terms.

I couldn’t be happier about this.  Going out is nice, but as an American I still can’t grok getting shit-faced with your boss on a regular basis.

Instead, every few months or so we go to the university gym for ping-pong.  It’s ostensibly a bonding exercise but actually, my boss is kind of a pimp at the game and he likes to remind us of this fact with his brutal, un-returnable spin-serves.

You wouldn’t think it was possible to break a sweat playing ping-pong but now I know better.

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