Go Quakers!

OH HAI there’s a huge tawdry sex scandal going on at the high school I graduated from.  Apparently the school psychologist started fucking the mother of a student he had been asked to assess with regards to learning needs:

“Newmyer first filed suit against Sidwell and its former psychologist in May 2011. He claims the psychologist had an affair with his wife while treating his daughter, then five, and that Sidwell took ‘flagrant and outrageous actions’ that allowed the ‘open sexual relationship.’”

Classy!  And it gets better:

“’Do you really want that, Jack?’ he quoted his ex-wife as writing. ‘When there are so many women out there, safer women, that might not cost you your reputation and job to have a relationship with? Is sex with her and are her blowjobs really worth that much risk you are taking?’

‘I said yes,’ Huntington wrote to Mehrbach.”

I had a great experience at Sidwell many years ago and met lots of great people.  But reading an article like this really brings home two facts — elite private schools are more about the status of the parents than they are about the education of children, and as much as I love my hometown of Washington, D.C. there are lots of truly awful vindictive ego-monsters who reside there.  Hollywood for ugly people and all that.

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