Where’s My Viking Helmet?

1.  Maisie Williams/Arya Stark will be 7’3” tall by the time this season is over.

2.  Sorry nerds, but the show is so much better than the books.

3.  There are way too many characters, and I’m amazed the HBO guys have actually managed to keep all their actors for three whole seasons.  That said (ZOMG SPOILERS!!!) a lot of them are about to die horribly.

4.  Speaking of which, let’s state the obvious — George Martin is never going to finish this series.  I’m guessing he’ll manage one more book, which will introduce four or five more main characters.  He can’t help himself.

5.  Brienne is cast so perfectly.  Thoros of Myr isn’t.

6.  Margaery is a hell of a lot more interesting in the series.  Like I said, the show is better than the books.

7.  Referencing gay marriage?  Really?  Too clever by half.

8.  I’ll say it again — Tyrion/Peter Dinklage looks way too pretty.  I love me some Dinklage, but I’m wondering if he insisted on not being portrayed as a horrible monstrosity (i.e., nose chopped off).  There’s some pretty gnarly anti-small person stuff coming up if there hasn’t been enough already, and I’m wondering if he insisted that the show avoid it or tone it down.  Totally guessing of course.

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