Goa, India: Dudhsagar Falls



True fact: I’m a sucker for monkeys and waterfalls.


Whatever you say, The Man. . . .


Dudhsagar Falls, on the eastern edge of Goa bordering Karnataka, was gorgeous, amazing, and monkey-filled.  Trip highlight for me?  Definitely.


It’s easy to rent a scooter or motorcycle in Goa, and even easier to just find a driver and negotiate a fixed price for longer trips.  I got up early-ish and got a ride east to the falls, going through the nearby city of Margao.  My driver spoke perfect Russian, and not-so-great English.  Why he thought I spoke Russian I’m not so sure.


Have I mentioned that Goa is incredibly beautiful?


You get dropped off in a little village, and then you get in a bulky, rusty four-by-four that I can only assume was made in East Germany 60 or so years ago.  You’ll need that kind of brute power though, because you have to drive through (not over, not around) a few rivers to get there.




You won’t have the falls to yourself, but the earlier you go the less crowded it will be.


And then, there’s these guys.  Unlike aggressive camera-stealing Balinese monkeys, Goan monkeys were perfectly happy to be fed by us tourists.  When I got into the truck for the trip up the mountain I was handed a plastic bag of bananas and peanuts and tomatoes.  I said I wasn’t hungry and my driver just laughed.  (Dude, you have to tell me that monkeys are going to be involved in the proceedings duh.)


I’m pretty sure a few of these cute guys are going to have it rough with early-onset diabetes due to all the free food they get from us humans, but it’s probably worth it.


I swam for most of the 90 minutes or so we had before the trucks went back down.  The water was perfect.


If you don’t love monkeys I will fight you.  And while you’d think it might be a monkey-cliche, they really preferred the bananas over the tomatoes.  It’s science.


And after you get back down the mountain you can sip a cup of sugar cane juice.  Or a Kingfisher.

Hey, it was my vacation.

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