“The Torching of Timbuktu”

The US getting involved in the on-going conflict in Mali might be a terrible idea, but the jihadist insurgents can definitely go fuck themselves:

“While the invaders destroyed the tombs of the city’s [Timbuktu] saints, people grieved, but still thought their books might be safe as the Islamists were holed up in the Ahmed Baba Institute, not for their love of learning, but for convenience. With the exception of the La Maison, a four-star hotel which was likely burned to the ground for being one of the few places that not only sold alcohol, but also catered to foreigners, the libraries were one of the few buildings in Timbuktu with modern plumbing and, even more importantly, air-conditioning. Because invaders love to be comfortable when not imposing their will on an oppressed population.

But when the French invaded over the weekend, the Islamists added the ultimate insult to the injuries they’d already inflicted on the town, by blowing up a warehouse full of manuscripts, as well as the Institute itself.”

The article goes on to mention that many of the books were actually Korans, making it a mortal sin in and of itself for the Muslim extremists involved.

There is nothing uglier in the world than religious fundamentalism.

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