TMI, Spoilers

Went out with some adult students Friday night, woke up Saturday morning for Korean class with a bad case of — let’s just call it intestinal distress.

I drank a lot of beer that night, but this was definitely a food-related gut-bug.  (The clam soup, I’m thinking.)  Even today, sipping some coffee in my office on Monday morning, I’m still a little out of it.  I haven’t ingested anything but water and orange juice and Tylenol since Saturday but I think I might be able to have some lunch today.  Thankfully, I’m really just treading water this final week before my month off in February.

That said, I finally watched Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Like many interesting films, it was wildly uneven.  The performances were strong, and some of the shots were beautiful, but as an allegory about Hurricane Katrina is just doesn’t work.  The “government officials” aren’t menacing at all — if anything, they seem a hell of a lot better choice than a gang of alcoholic animal-abusers living in filth.

All you had to do was make those doctors and nurses menacing somehow (giving “medicine” that actually sterilizes the residents of Bathtub?) or throw in some storm-troopers who are “cleansing” the area for the greater good (with flame-throwers, natch).

It wouldn’t have been that hard to give the film the actual political bite that it seems to think it already earned.

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