Is Football (Still) Racist?

Drew Magary on possible unconscious-institutional-invisible-persistent bias, if not outright racism, against black NFL quarterbacks:

“I think (WARNING: ignorance ahead) that black quarterbacks are still getting hosed when it comes to being groomed as pocket passers. I think coaches look at white quarterbacks and think to themselves, “Whoa hey, we can’t have him run.” Luck and Aaron Rodgers are both capable of running the ball effectively, but their coaches happily sacrifice that part of their game because they know that, ultimately, their QBs will need to win games mostly by throwing the ball. But coaches look at black QBs and think to themselves, “Wow, look at him run! I’d be a fool not to use that part of his game!” I don’t think this is overt racism at work. I think this is a case of typecasting. Why did Mike Shanahan run an option play with Griffin barely able to walk? Because he couldn’t help himself, that’s why. He thinks of RGIII as a multi-purpose threat and can’t see him any other way.”

I actually think there’s something too this.  And maybe it isn’t all racism, because there were a few years with the Falcons that Michael Vick looked like the future.  But goddamn, Shanahan should have been fired for — in a best case scenario — taking two to three years off of RGIII’s career.  You never here about “disciplined” white QB’s who bust an ACL on their 15th carry of a game, ever.

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