“Only A Lunatic Nation”

Plenty remains to be said about the utter madness that took place in Newtown, Connecticut but I’m happy to hand it over to Charlie Brooker for a while:

“Twenty children shot at close range with an assault rifle. You could argue that the choice of weapon is irrelevant; that a truly unhinged individual would still find the means to kill. Maybe that’s true; I don’t know. All I know is that 20 children were shot at close range with an assault rifle, and that only a lunatic nation wouldn’t try everything it could think of to make that less likely to happen again.

America, don’t be helpless. Look at the faces. Feel how much it hurts. Try to stop it happening again.”

Who knows if any of this will lead to sane, reasonable gun-massacre prevention measures in America but at the very least we can dispense with the obligatory “let’s not talk about politics” the next time somebody unloads on a crowd of innocent people.

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