Goddamn I thought this would be the winter where I didn’t catch a cold.

Granted, it’s a mild one (as opposed to whatever lung-liquifying thing I picked up on vacation in Vietnam two years ago).  And college classes are over now, so my vocal chords won’t need to be shredded next week.

But still, no fun.

Tried watching The Dark Knight Rises last night.  The obvious problem of course is that the Nolan Batman flicks are soul-crushingly boring.  “This shot is dark and flickery, so obviously it’s has deep meaning!”

Gawd.  What a hack.

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2 Responses to Bleh

  1. Conor says:

    Yeah I was thinking of giving it another whack – really wasn’t that impressed by the film initially but figured it was because so many people built my expectations up so much beforehand. It’s on the QOOK on demand player I have so I might waste my 2000 won…or I might watch Avengers again and enjoy myself.

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