Road To Meh

I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by taking a friend out for Indian grub, just like the pilgrims did.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty confident in saying that good, authentic Indian just doesn’t happen in Daegu.  I went to Road To India downtown, which I’d been told is the best of about five Indian joints around here.

Meh.  The naan was great, but we ordered a curry and a biryani that were both very greasy.  The curry itself was definitely from a can instead of made fresh.  I asked for lime pickle and there was none to be had.

Really?  You’re gonna withhold delicious lime pickle from me in an Indian restaurant?

I dunno.  The price was reasonable and I might go back for something approximating decent Indian, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to needing to go to Seoul or Busan for something really good.

First world problems yadda yadda.

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