Yet Another Post About PSY Kill Me Now

I’m a huge fan of groundbreaking video artist Nam June Paik and a notorious hater of all things K-pop.  As for PSY, I like him but only because he’s a chubby former (current?) stoner-dude who managed to beat out a bunch of gorgeous mannequin robot-women in having a major US crossover hit.  The song itself is thoroughly manufactured and annoying (but the video is great, I have to admit it).

So my mind was partially blown by this short piece in The Telegraph:

“PSY is as much a dancer, comedian and deviser of videos as he is a rapper or even a musician – an exemplar indeed of the postmodern, multi-disciplinary approach that is de rigueur now, but seemed novel when Paik pioneered it in the early Sixties.

Paik, born in Seoul in 1932, trained as a classical pianist, and spent most of his professional life outside Korea, first in Germany, then New York. He got into art via electronic music, and his work retained a technological bent, as he created installations with large numbers of televisions, which became his signature works, culminating in a colossal tower of 1,003 sets for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.”

PSY as a reincarnation of one of the most important avant-garde artists of the 20th century?

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, sir.

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