What’s Korean For “Jumped The Shark”?

Pretty much a sad and depressing fail-parade as the forever clueless Korean Tourism Organization manages to bore, alienate, and confuse a group of (mostly American) tourists on a “Gangnam Style” tour inspired by PSY:

“The last destination was Garosu-gil, a trendy enclave filled with swanky boutiques and artsy cafes, a fine area for celebrity siting. The guide allowed only 30 minutes to look, so most of the group couldn’t venture into the small alleys some of the most unique shops are located.

‘I walked to the end of the street,’ said one disappointed tourist.

It seemed clear that Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ played a part in drawing people to the affluent district.  [Umm, you literally took them there on a tour bus.]

‘I can hear the song everywhere. It made me feel familiar with this region,’ said Katherine Bortko who came from the United States.”

So much idiocy.  Firsties, if you want to make South Korea appealing to American/North American tourists, why not emphasize, I dunno, the centuries of culture and history that constitute Korea instead of basing a tour around an amusing but ultimately disposable novelty song?  I have no doubt that there are highly-paid higher ups at the KTO who genuinely believe a months-old song that most Americans have moved on from will somehow be the catalyst for long-term Western tourism dollars in Seoul.

That’s delusional beyond belief.

I dunno.  I used to live next to Green Street and found it and its over-priced restaurants to be horribly over-rated.  Gangnam is shiny and bright and great for shopping but it’s not something an American couldn’t experience on their own in New York or Los Angeles or any large U.S. city.  COEX?  Taking Americans to a big shopping mall?  Really?

I actually think Bongeunsa and Eunma Market are good choices, as are the Seollung Tombs.

But this just sounds like the saddest tour-bus in all the world.

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2 Responses to What’s Korean For “Jumped The Shark”?

  1. It really makes me sad too when Americans whittle Korea down to Gangnam Style. I wish the KTO would recognize that it is a tremendous waste of their time to pander to the mentality behind that song.

  2. Kokoba says:

    “The next destination was Samsung d’light Center, where visitors could try and buy the latest products and accessories by Samsung Electronics. People split up to check out their favorite gadgets, from super-slim laptops to the latest devices in the Galaxy series.”

    What’s your time in Korea without some corporate shilling shoehorned in? JFC.

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