Unleashing My Inner Capitalist

I have to admit — I’ve always been quite the snobbish ex-pat when it came to joining Costco.

“Ho ho ho you mere one-year nubbins — I, James, shall actually learn the language and shop the way the locals do!  Fear my cultural superiority!”

Which is stupid because a) Koreans shop at Costco and b) get over yourself douche-hammer.

So, big day tomorrow.  Watch out Daegu Costco, I am coming for your US size 12 insoles (a friend told me they have them, we’ll see) and your sweet, sweet multi-vitamins.  No more poking around Homeplus for random-ass things that might or might not actually be there.

(And I know that pharmacies here sell vitamins but honestly I don’t trust them.  The few times I’ve needed medicine here they’ve given me things that have done absolutely nothing to make me feel better.)

What can I say?  When I decide to roll, I roll deep.

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