The whole Petraeus thing is the clusterfuck that keeps on giving (shirtless FBI agent?  wut?).  And guess what?  There’s a ridiculous South Korean angle to it!:

“It turns out that Kelley is actually an ‘Honorary Consul’ of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). At first, I thought this was just another one of Kelley’s ridiculous faux titles, something you get for throwing a party or perhaps for anything as long as the ambassador drunk.

But I was too quick to dismiss this. ‘Honorary consuls’ are a real thing. Or at least they can be, whatever Kelley was doing with the title. I talked this evening to a diplomatic from an Asia nation (not Korea) who explained that they’re often used when a country doesn’t have consular representation in a particular city or region. So for instance if you’re from Country X and you’re visiting Florida and you get into a jam or lose your passport you can contact the ‘Honorary Consul’ to help you get a new passport or help you out in much the same way your embassy or an official consul might.”

So basically, a crazy delusional person who walked around claiming to be an actual ambassador to South Korea has brought down two US generals, one of whom happened to be the head of the CIA.  And we get to talk about other people’s sex lives for a few weeks, which is basically the only thing Americans like to do other than eating too much.  And civilians in Afghanistan continue to get blown up by death robots.

And I will have to explain all of this to my very curious adult students tomorrow morning.  Good times.

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