One Step Forward. . .

Republicans sure do get prickly when you suggest that many people in their party are bigots.  They are shocked, neigh, offended good sir! when you point out that the whole Obama birth certificate thing was really just a thinly veiled suggestion that an uppity n-word type person has no business running our great country.

In the year 2012 there’s no possible way that, say, 200 students at the University of Mississippi would go around campus shouting the n-word and threatening non-white students when Obama sealed the deal on Tuesday night.  No sir, it was just a coincidence.  They were simply voicing concerns about Obama’s economic and foreign policies like good, solid Republicans.

And the really scary thing about the riot?  The same thing happened 50 years ago:

Stay classy, Republicans.

(And I know, in ’62 these rednecks where probably Democrats but yadda yadda Southern Strategy.)

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