You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Week 10 of the semester.  Like clockwork, this is the when lots of my college students just kind of give up.  Their behavior takes a nosedive.

Subsequently, this is the week where after I berate students for being morons (Taking pictures of your girlfriend while I teach?  Really?) they actually come to my office hours and beg for forgiveness.

This is one of those un-grokkable Korean vs. American academic culture things that I’ll never understand.  I mean, you’re a college student.  I’m not your father or your home-room teacher.  I’m not here to wipe your nose and/or ass.  If you fuck up, I will mark your final grade down appropriately and frankly, I don’t really care.  I will kick you out of my class for the day and give you an absence   If you get four of those, school policy dictates that you fail.  (Remember all that shit I went over on the first day?  Yeah, I wasn’t making that stuff up.)

So the student in question just came to my office and got on his knees saying “sorry” over and over again.  And I just stared at him, then pulled out a copy of the course syllabus.  Behavior and attendance is 20 percent of your final mark.  I couldn’t care less about your crocodile tears.  Grow the fuck up and take your punishment like an adult and stop making us both look like goddamn idiots.

Jesus, I would never act that way in front of one of my college professors.  It’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

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