True Fact

I realize most Westerners in South Korea are teachers and it’s not uncommon for us to lament how bad the English of our students is, especially when they’re being lazy or difficult.  But really, there’s a certain type of making-fun-of-Korean-people-speaking-English that’s downright racist.

Acceptable: “Oh man, these students totally bombed my test.  I can’t believe we spent a whole week on Subject X and they still screwed it up.  They keep adding extra vowels to the end of all their vocabulary words.”

Kinda racist: “Teachu teachu me no speak-y Engrish so good!”

If you can’t tell the difference here, you’re an ass-hat.

The fact that this shit gets a pass on some parts of the K-blogosphere/tumblrsphere is as surprising as it is annoying.

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