Went hiking with my adult students yesterday.  We went up Ka Fort Mountain to enjoy the fall colors.

Not surprisingly, it was a bit crowded as people get out before winter sets in.

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This is my friend hwang-to ori, or “yellow mud duck.”  As for the duck’s life choices, I have no idea.  The “yellow mud” is used to cover the bird and bake it, along the lines of clay chicken.


Inside the duck is stuffed with rice, chestnuts, and jujubes.  And in strictly scientific terms, the result is amazeballs.

Me and my adult students went hiking yesterday morning, and our reward was this.


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Living The Dream

Yesterday I taught two college courses from two to six p.m.  I was in one of the older buildings on campus that happens to overlook a group of tennis courts that also function as public areas for university events.

Every spring we have an annual school festival, but due to the Sewol tragedy we moved it into fall.

So there’s a stage set up and for some fucking reason they scheduled an “Idol Star” singing contest to start at — wait for it — two p.m.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t teach at the most academically inclined institution, but having to teach while my classroom was literally shaking from the booming sound of the P.A. echoing the most godawful screeching I’ve ever heard pretty much solidified my decision to move on to another school next year.  This certainly hasn’t been the only incident, but rather the delightful cherry on top of a fail sundae.

I mean, everybody has bad days teaching but I can’t continue on in good faith at a school that pretty much does what it can to actively thwart my (quite modest) goals in the classroom.

And for the umpteenth time, why not do this shit on a Saturday, Korea?

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“her lipstick trembles under boomlights”

Jonathan Fire*Eater, “The Search For Cherry Red”

Either my students are getting dumber or I’m getting worse at teaching.

Probably both.

But really, if you’re complaining about your grade at week 9 and you still haven’t bought the textbook, well, I have less than zero fucks to give you, sparky.

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On Friday, Anita Sarkeesian called out “toxic masculinity” on Twitter. Here’s what happened next.


This is who #GamerGate folks are. Real winners.

Originally posted on we hunted the mammoth:

Anita Sarkeesian's Twitter notifications (Artist's conception)

Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitter mentions (Artist’s conception)

What a surreal life Anita Sarkeesian must lead, in which virtually everything she says and does becomes grist for the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine, Sarkeesian Division.

Take the latest blowup, which followed a few comments Sarkeesian made in the wake of Friday’s school shooting in Marysville, which may have been triggered by the shooter’s angry response to a romantic breakup. On Friday, Sarkeesian posted a few thoughts on the matter on Twitter:

View original 639 more words

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Rock And Roll

I’m a sucker for quality music documentaries.  Hell, I even like bad ones.

That said, Beware of Mr. Baker, the story of Cream drummer Ginger Baker, is absolutely fantastic.  They guy’s a true maniac and as mean-spirited as he is talented.

Highly recommended.

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Give Me All The Nomz

food street

Daegu, South Korea.

There are a bunch of little alleys between Daegu Station and the “nice” shopping district of Dongseongno.  This one particular street, which my Korean friend simply calls “Food Street,” is basically a line of about ten different “snack” restaurants (no rice!).  It’s basically my favorite place to eat in South Korea.

You stroll down the line here and the various food ladies yell at you to come into their (quite tiny) restaurants.  No pressure!

The food is amazing — I joked that it’s kind of like Korean tapas.  Each dish was 3,000 won ($2.50) and that black bowl filled with red pepper paste was free.

food street 2

food street 3

Picture number two is gimbap (Korean sushi, kinda), fish cakes in pepper sauce (a Daegu thing — usually they come in a clear broth), and “flat” dumplings (another Daegu thing).

Number three is a plate of blood sausage and pig liver (soondae).  It’s so fucking good, served with a little pile of orange salt.

I promise, I had a salad for dinner.

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Dark, Dark, Dark

Saw Gone Girl this evening with a friend.  It’s the most cynical movie about marriage and relationships imaginable.  In addition, there’s not a single character who’s remotely likable.

I absolutely loved it and I laughed out loud, a lot.

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Current throbbing man-crush Chris Kluwe weighs in on #GamerGate, righteously so:

“It’s like all you can do is look at this collection of words, scratch yourself uneasily, and then run off to look for grubs. Your reaction (and I am not making this up, because it’s been widely documented literally everywhere) to various articles proclaiming the death of the basement-dwelling, cheetos-huffing, poopsock-sniffing douchepistol, because games are so good now that they are common entertainment and thus everyone plays them, was to COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT by either:

a) Making misogynistic threats against a wide variety of female game developers and critics because somehow they’re going to keep games you enjoy from ever being made again


b) Being stupid enough to get sucked in by people busy making misogynistic threats against a wide variety of female game developers and critics, and supporting their idiotic crusade for the dumbing down of everyone everywhere ever.”

Game.  Set.  Match.

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“Tiger Beat Che Guevara”

I love it when a better writer than me manages to pinpoint what it is I hate about something and/or somebody.  In this case, the affable Mr. Bogg nails exactly what’s so loathsome about Russell Brand:

“The workings of the world are indeed complicated and political structures are not easily bent or changed, but it can happen although not fast enough for the  ‘why is TMZ loading so slowly!’ generation.  Voting, and not voting can bring about change. It’s the difference between seeing John Roberts and Strip Search Sammy Alito seated on the Supreme Court and two people with a slightly less corporatist worldview.

And if you want to start a revolution — and good luck with that if you think it will be grow from podcasting your complaints about how unfair the world is  — you need to start somewhere, and that is at the local level and then upward.  Conservatives knew that when they started packing school boards years ago, developing candidates who blossomed at right about the same time that the Tea Party suddenly appeared. They’ve worked themselves through the state legislatures and one need only take a look at some of the GOP candidates who might be elected on a national level in a few weeks to see how government can be made to work for you or against you or, as is current case: not at all.”

While British politics don’t quite map directly onto American ones, when somebody tells me they don’t vote I like to ask them which party is happier to hear that — Democrats, who tend to win when more people show up, or Republicans, who are actively working to rig things so that older, younger, darker, and poorer people can’t vote at all?

Future Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz is happy to have your support.

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