Larry Sheets Will Have His Revenge On Baltimore

I haven’t been actively excited for a MLB post-season for a very long time.

And how the Orioles won 96 games without three of their best players is an insane mystery.

So, it goes down like this — Orioles will play the Dodgers in the World series and win it 4-2.

And my mom always said I was too much of a goddamned pessimist.

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I saw Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars last night.

Incredible film.  Deeply disturbing.  Gives Mulholland Drive a run for its money in the weird department.  Complete deconstruction of everything that constitutes Hollywood and/or American popular culture.

Not for the faint of heart.

And Olivia Williams, call me maybe?

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“It Takes Me A Week To Get Around”

Memphis Slim, “Grinder Man Blues”

This is the sweet-spot of the Korean year — nice and cool and pleasant weather and, as Koreans say, “the sky is very high.”

Not too long until I can start wearing my leather jacket which I’ve been strangely attached to for over 10 years now.

What can I say?  I’m allergic to fashion.

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Pedagogical Hulk Smash

I haven’t yelled at a student, let alone an entire class, for at least three years.

That all changed this afternoon in a perfect storm of a) numerous students who, as of week four, still haven’t bought the damn textbook, b) the really annoying habit of some Korean young women to decide that classrooms are actually impromptu beauty salons, and c) a student who literally turned around in her chair when I began class with the staggeringly difficult question of “How are you?”

Meh.  Something’s been off about this semester.  Not sure if it’s me or them.

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Goin’ Galt (And/Or Bankrupt)

Via Gin and Tacos, another Glibertarian pipe-dream bites the dust in, of all places, Chile:

“Meanwhile, Galt’s Gulch owes ‘hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to hardware stores [and] service providers’ in Chile for work done in preparation for the community. As the pyramid scheme of investors collapses, it seems likely that those workers – many of them poor laborers from small Chilean towns — will go unpaid. The workers being ripped off by the moochers? How very Randian.

The Grim Reaper lingers nearby. By the end of August, the entire online existence of Galt’s Gulch Chile had been scrubbed from the web. Every promotional YouTube video made to entice suckers freedom-lovers has been taken down. The GGC website comes back with an error message. Ken Johnson is in the wind.

It’s almost as if basing a community around people who hate other people and don’t want to have to pay for any services that don’t directly and concretely benefit themselves is inherently unstable. Who would have thought?”

Libertarians are basically straight-up socio-paths who smoked a little weed in college.  Put a bunch of them together and leave them alone, and of course they’ll eat one another alive.


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Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard


Daegu, South Korea.

I’m trying to eat better these days, and I love me some hot cult action, so me and a friend went to one of Daegu’s three Loving Huts yesterday. These vegan dumplings were actually pretty awesome. (I think they had lemongrass in them.)

And hey, free poetry from glorious Supreme Master Ching Hai, so win-win.

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No Easy Answers

It’s really easy to judge the parenting decisions made by others, especially when I don’t have any children myself, and frankly probably never will.

That said, what Adrian Peterson did to his child(ren) did was horrible.  That sort of physical abuse leading to bleeding, let alone scarring, is beyond the pale.

That said, there are specific historical and cultural reasons that African Americans tend to have a higher tolerance for the corporal punishment of children than white folks, and it has everything to do with murdered black kids like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin:

“White children in general are raised to be Columbus, to ‘discover’ the world anew and then to manipulate and order the universe to their own liking. If we take away the colonizing impulse in living this way, I think it would be amazing to have the luxury of raising black children who also view the world as a space of their own making, a space to be explored, a space to build anew. A space where occasionally, simply because you live there, you can opt to walk in the middle of the street instead of being confined to the sidewalk, much as you might sling your leg across the arm of a chair in your own home, because it is home.

But for so many black children, these kinds of frivolous choices will get you killed or locked up. For black children, finding disciplinary methods that instill a healthy sense of fear in a world that is exceptionally violent toward them is a hard balance to find.”

To apply your own inviolate standards of (white) parenting to Peterson is to deny hundreds of years of history, let alone current events in Florida and Missouri.

Adrian Peterson needs counseling, but he shouldn’t lose his career over this.

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Samui, Thailand




I went to Koh Samui, Thailand for Chusok.  It was pleasant and all, but it also managed to rain every single day I was there.  Definitely not one of my more successful trips photography-wise, but still a nice way to recharge before the semester gets too hectic.

Do not mess with Mr. Apidetch.

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Sorry, Right-wing Concern Trolls

I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but I’m going to vote for her.

And no, I don’t think a primary challenger running to her left would do much good.

Republicans have been voting strategically for over three decades now.  There’s no reason Democrats shouldn’t follow their lead.

And Antonin Scalia isn’t getting any younger.

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Fiery Offal Nomz



This is gopchang jeongol, makchang’s fiery, soupy brother.  Instead of just grilling the cow intestines over flame you make a soup out of it with leeks, onions, mushrooms, some dumplings, some instant noodles.  Oh, and you throw in a bunch of cow stomach / tripe as well that you cut up with a pair of scissors.

This is about as gnarly as Korean food gets right here, and it’s awesome.  It’s also a Daegu specialty.

This place is also right next to my apartment, so winning.

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